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Mohan Sharma was very active during the 70's in Malayalam films mostly in main roles and could gain the love and appreciation of the audience.While acing in Malayalam films during those days he was known as 'Mohan'
and in the film titles his name was shown in that manner but later he  became popular as 'Mohan Sharma'.
Mohan Sharma is now settled at Chennai and he acts in T.V.serials in prime roles.To his credit he has acted in
some 100 films and in 25 T.V.Serials.He is a famous film producer who has produced more than 15 films in
all South Indian Languages of Telugu,Kannada,Tamil and Malayalam.
Mohan Sharma belongs to Tattamangalam of Palaghat District and his education was completed at Tattamangalam and Chitoor of Palaghat.Afterwards he joined the Film and T.V. Institute of Pune, and graduated in the acting course.He was the first South Indian to get that qualification in acting from that prestigious Institute of Government of India.
Mohan Sharma started his career in acting Malayalam films.Before getting the acting degree he had  one or two
small appearances like in the film 'Panimudakku' which was directed by P.N.Menon.Later he got much acclamation for his hero role in the film 'Chattakkari' which was directed by K.S.Sethumadhavan in 1972.
The film which dealt with the life style of Anglo Indian Community in Kerala.The film was made from a novel written by 'Pamman' in the same title which was a super hit.It was a well defined film in which all the stars acted
fantastically well including Mohan Sharma.Lakshmi was the heroine of this film and when it was remade in Hindi
Lakshmi  was the heroine in that also.
In the 1974 blockbuster film 'Nellu' which was directed by Ramu Kariat, Mohan Sharma handled the role of
'Mallan' which had much importance.
In another blockbuster film 'Theekkanal' which was directed by actor Madhu  who handled the hero role, an
equally important role as the husband of Vidhubala's character  was handled by him.In that film all actors including 'Sreevidya' presented fantastic acting skill.In that film Kanaka Durga was superb.
In the film 'Kayalum Kayarum' which was directed by K.S.Gopalakrishnan Mohan Sharma was in the main role.That film contained good melodious songs like 'Sararandal thiri thanu mukilin kudulil... and Chithira thoniyil
akkare pokan... etc. The song sequence of 'Chithirathoniyil akkare pokan ethidamo penne ...Chirayinkeezhile
penne...' was acted nicely by Mohan Sharma rowing a boat.
Like that in the film 'Jeevikkan Marannu poya Sthree in which Sheela and Vijaya Sree had equally important roles, the song sequence of 'Veena Poove Kumaranasante Veena Poove''' was nicely presented by him.
He had acted in several Tamil films also like Enipadigal,Nadakame Ulagam,Salangai Oli, etc.
He served three times as National Film Jury member and once as Indian Panorama Jury member.
He has recently directed a film which he was the producer also which is known as 'Namma Gramam' in Tamil and 'Gramam' in Malayalam.
He is well trained in Carnatic music and Hindusthani music and has rendered play back singing in some films.
Malayalam films 'Ivide Thudangunnu and Bandham was produced by him.Tamil film 'Thavam' 'Tony,Sedina Hakku,Ibani Karagithu etc in Kannada,'Bava Bhakti,Hima Bindu,Mantra Sakti etc in Telugu are produced by him.
Selected Filmography
Kayalum Kayarum
Jeevikkan Marannupoya Sthree
Thoondal Meen
Nadakame Ulagam(Tamil)
Sagara Sangamam(Telugu)

General Chakravarthy
Salangai Oli

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